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What's to process for creating our unique fragrance?

First we'll send you a exploratory questionnaire to complete - once returned we'll meet (either in person or virtually) where we'll explain the process of perfumery, discuss your aspirations for your wedding day and explore the fragrance ingredients and scent 'families' that best suit your aims and likes. If this consultation is in person we will create a sample fragrance with you there and then or, if virtually, we'll send you the sample in the post. Following your feedback and some amendments we will refine the fragrance in to your final and unique formula

How long does it take to create our fragrance formula?

We allow two hours for the initial consultation but if you have very clear ideas of which fragrances are important to you then it will be much quicker. Similarly, if you need to explore several options to see which fragrances you connect with most then it may take longer. There's no time pressure. Once your initial sample is made it can take a few weeks of tweaking until we have the final version signed off

Will our consultation be in person or online?

Consultations can easily be conducted over an online video call at a time convenient for you. Alternatively, if you are local to our Cheshire HQ then we're able to visit you at your home and bring a selection of fragrances for you to explore  which will be chosen based on your questionnaire answers

How do we choose fragrances if our consultation is virtual? 

There is no disadvantage to having your consultation over a video call. Our fragrance library is exhaustive so it would be impossible for you to smell every ingredient in one session because of the experience of 'nose blindness'. It's more important that we gain an understanding of which fragrances you love, which 'families' of scent you are drawn to and how we might blend them with other unexpected or unique scents. Your experienced perfumer will then create several bespoke blends for you and send them to you to try

We've got our unique formula, what next?

We'll store your private fragrance formula in our archives and keep it safe for your exclusive use only. If you booked one of our packages we'll then make any fragranced scenting products for you, or you can order individual candles, room mist, reed diffusers and wedding favours whenever you please. Re-ordering a candle scented with your unique wedding scent makes an unforgettable anniversary gift too

Do you make bespoke perfume & aftershave?

Your fragrance formula is 100% tailored to you and can certainly be used to create a perfume or aftershave instead of a room scent. In fact, our ingredients are sourced from the same suppliers used by the world’s most exclusive designer perfume houses. Alternatively, if you want to use your formula for your wedding day scent, we can make tweaks to it by accentuating feminine or masculine tones and make a complementary formula for a perfume and/or aftershave

What do I need to fragrance our wedding venue?

Every venue is different and it depends on which element of the day you want to fragrance and if you’re moving to several different places throughout the day or staying in one place. We will give advice on this during the consultation but ideally you would have at least one scented candle per round dinner table, a room mist to instantly scent the room before you and your guests enter (and for venue staff to use periodically in different areas) and a reed diffuser in each of the bathrooms. Adding extra items to give as bridal party gifts is a thoughtful touch and having individual wedding favours on the tables adds a unique and impactful wow factor

What scented products can you provide?

We can use your bespoke fragrance formula to create;

Table Candles

Room Mist Spray

Reed Diffusers

Eau de Parfum / Aftershave


Tealight Wedding favours

Wax Melt Wedding Favours

Individual Jar Candle Wedding Favours

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are other ideas you would like to discuss

Can we use natural ingredients to make our fragrance?

The short answer is ‘yes’ we certainly can – however this does come with some restrictions and implications. Natural essential oils and botanical extracts are often used in high-end perfumery, but almost exclusively they are combined with man-made aroma chemicals and isolates. This is because natural ingredients evaporate more quickly so often have less longevity and strength. If using naturals is important to you then you’re in very safe hands and we can guide you through the options available

Are your products safe and compliant to government guidelines?

Yes, absolutely. All our suppliers are regulated and comply with international and UK regulations and all our products and formulas only use ingredients approved for skin-contact cosmetics and perfumery. All products are CLP compliant, meaning that safety information on how to use them and the known 'potential allergens' used in them are provided. If you have concerns over any specific ingredients then speak with your personal perfumer who will be able to offer further advice



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