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Sirestan, pronounced Sires-tan, is the original name of the land where our workshop is located and is understood to have been originally owned by the same Lord who commissioned the building of a nearby National Trust landmark in the 1720s


From Old and Middle English; Sires a respectful term for a figure of authority such as a Lord or King; -tan French or Celtic in origin, in reference to a village, town or grounds of note


The Wedding Fragrance Company was founded by our Chief Perfumer, Tom Leonard-White, who discovered a passion for fragrance when launching our sister company, DOG-ABOUT-TOWN home fragrances. There he trained in the French method of perfumery and honed his nose by focusing on using natural ingredients to create pet-safe home fragrances. After getting the attention of several high-end publications and stockists, there was a strong demand from non-pet-owners for DOG-ABOUT-TOWN’s unique and enticing fragrances

It was during a venue site visit for his then upcoming wedding in the Italian Lakes that he entered the Grand Hotel and was struck by the intense smell of cut roses and cypress trees being trimmed in the courtyard. This scent inspired Tom’s first ever fragrance blend ‘Roses at the Grand Hotel’

Tom, originally a trained Psychologist, is also an experienced Wedding Organiser and Events Manager. He has overseen weddings and events in some of the most exclusive venues in the world, from the UK and Europe to South America, the USA, South Africa, the UAE, Bahamas and the Caribbean. When you choose to create the scent of your wedding memories with The Wedding Fragrance Company we’ll use our passion for the psychology of scent and experience of creating unforgettable events to help you find your iconic fragrance that will stay with you, always

‘The experience of scent is deeply psychological and rooted in our innate survival instincts. When fragrances are paired with highly emotive moments they become deeply embedded in our memory, causing these memories to rapidly resurface when we come across the scent again


We have diffusers and room mists of our fragrance dotted around the house – whenever it’s grey outside it’s wonderful to be able to spray the scent and be instantly transported to the sun-drenched ballroom of the Grand Hotel and be surrounded by friends and family, some of whom are sadly no longer with us. That is such a priceless gift’

Tom Leonard-White (BSc, BSc Int, MSc)

Founder and Chief Perfumer

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